Art at Grand Hotel in Kennebunk, Maine

As part of our collaboration with Art Collector Maine, our hotel common areas feature art from the most exciting artists displaying work today. Additionally, our Art Collector rooms feature specially selected paintings from two prominent Maine Artists.

Allen Bunker Room

With its spacious floor plan and wall space, the Allen Bunker room serves as a mini-gallery and is the perfect footprint to showcase his work. Different landscapes dot the walls, transporting you to beautiful destinations while savoring the luxury of your room. "I try to paint the feeling I get from a particular scene. People come to Maine not just for the good weather and spectacular landscape but to ‘get away’ or ‘get back to nature.’" ~ Allen Bunker

Bill Crosby Room

Enjoy great views of Chase Hill from your Juliet balcony, or relax amongst the soothing tones of Bill Crosby’s work, which perfectly complement the room appointments. "My paintings are a confluence of abstraction and realism evolving from the natural landscape. I am inspired by natural landforms, waters’ edges and changing atmospheric and seasonal conditions. Elements of sky, water, rocks, trees and earth are evident the compositions." ~ Bill Crosby

On Display

The art spaces at the Grand Hotel gives Art Collector Maine a contemporary, light-filled spot to showcase the most exciting, most collectible works from Maine Artists. Local artists in regular rotation include Susan Williams, Jean Jack, Allen Bunker, William Crosby, Ann Sklar, Anne Ireland, Joanne Parent, Ingunn Joergensen, Jill Hoy, Louise Bourne, John Carnes, and Jac Ouellette. Located on the first floor of the hotel, we invite you to peruse the gallery at your leisure and consider taking a souvenir home from your trip. Call 207-204-0096 for more information.