Art at Grand Hotel in Kennebunk, Maine

Our hotel common areas feature art from the most exciting artists displaying work today. Additionally, our partnership with neighbor Maine Art Hill allows hotel guests to experience exclusive art events.

Craig Mooney

On Display

Craig Mooney’s roots in art go back to his youth. As a young child, born and raised in Midtown Manhattan, the artist began to draw inspiration from his father, a physician and avid amateur painter. Currently, Mooney maintains a studio in Vermont. His focus now is in painting large, semi-abstract landscapes inspired by his surroundings. There is a strong emotional undercurrent to his work. Because Mooney does not paint specific places, his work seems to evoke a sense of familiarity in viewers.

David Witbeck

Artist in Residence

“Having been a photographer for three decades, the greatest joy I have as a painter is freedom from “reality.” I’m no longer limited by what is in front of a camera. I can bend, twist, stretch, exaggerate and simplify the things I see. I can put things in and leave things out. I can even completely make things up. I can paint how things make me feel instead of simply what they look like. I’m most pleased when my paintings evoke smiles. Humor is an element too often missing in art. Enjoy.” ~David Witbeck


Rebecca Kinkead

Artist in Residence, July 21 – August 9
Coffee with an Artist: Saturday, July 21 at 9:30a

“These paintings are based on memories, both personal and borrowed. They are an attempt to explore a collective human experience. Details and features remain ambiguous, inviting the viewer to seek something of themselves in the work. The figure (human and animal) has provided a generous vehicle for color, form and surface to evolve. Paint and wax are layered, dripped and scraped to create a sense that the subject is still emerging… still ‘becoming’.”  ~Rebecca Kinkead

David Random

Rockets in the Sculpture Garden
Saturday, July 28

“When artists at the end of the 1800’s imagined space travel, it was with an aesthetic flourish that often defied aerodynamics. That’s what I like about it.  It made room for an artistic sense, which today seems to get in the way. So when I design my fantasy sculptures, it is with a nod to the early artists who went into space long before any scientist. It is with a flourish and sometimes a whimsical eye. An yes, it is with a tiny, imaginary me onboard, hurtling through space thinking, Now I’m flying in style”. ~David Random

Donna D’Aquino

Artist Trunk Show
Saturday, August 4, 4-6pm

While taking a workshop during graduate school, Donna D’Aquino was handed wire and told to “draw”. This was the beginning of the ongoing body of work consisting of 2 and 3-dimensional linear drawings. These “drawings” manifested themselves in jewelry. They became line drawings and objects both to be worn on the body and displayed as a piece of art on the wall when not being worn. Inspired by interior and exterior skeletal structures found in architecture, the work consists of a series of objects that reflect an exploration of line, form, volume, movement, structure, geometry, space, light and shadow.


Maine Art Hill

Proudly representing over 40 artists, Maine Art Hill neighbors the Grand Hotel on Chase Hill in Lower Village Kennebunk.

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