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Rosella KPT

Kennebunk Dining

Creating Sushi With Care

Sustainability meets culinary excellence at Rosella. Going above and beyond other Kennebunk dining, Rosella rolls delicious sushi and sashimi with sustainably sourced ingredients, embodying a dedication to preserving the marine ecosystem. Dive into an unforgettable journey of tastes right at our hotel.

For assistance with dining reservations, please contact us at 207-967-6540 or at dining@rosellakpt.com.

a plate of food
a plate of food
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The Restaurant’s Background

Founding Principles

Drawing from a rich kitchen heritage, Rosella was founded with a commitment to culinary sustainability. The team spotlights beloved sushi rolls and plates, all perfectly paired with regional wines.

The Objective

At Rosella, the team prioritizes sourcing from inland farms with recirculating aquaculture systems and insists on low-density growth for offshore farms. Through its culinary choices, Rosella looks to inspire our community to cherish the planet while enjoying delicious food.

Savoring Sustainability

Our restaurant team highlights locally caught fish and shellfish that are often overlooked; sometimes sourced from sustainable local farms, and other times caught in the wild with as little impact as possible. Out of care for the environment, the restaurant avoids unsustainable bycatch and fishing methods that damage reefs and the sea floor.

The Flavors of Kennebunkport